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Quadriplegia is a medical condition that is generally caused by some type of action that results in a spinal cord injury. According to, since 2005, more than 40 percent of spinal cord injuries have been caused by automobile accidents. Quadriplegia results in the complete loss of function of all four limbs. When caused by an automobile accident, the reasons can include:

  • High speed accidents
  • Seatbelt failures
  • Automobile roof collapses
  • Defects in a cars suspension system
  • Separation of tire treads
  • Rollover accidents
  • Collapse of seat backs

None of these incidents happens randomly, someone is responsible for the injuries you have sustained that resulted in quadriplegia. When you are injured in an accident and the end result is quadriplegia, you need to work with a Florida quadriplegic accident attorney immediately.

Why Hire a Florida Quadriplegic Accident Attorney?

The cost of caring for quadriplegic patients is very high. The care will have to be ongoing and permanent from the time of the accident until the natural death of the person who was injured. Some studies report that the average hospital stay after an accident involving a spinal cord injury is 12 days with an additional 37 days spent in a rehabilitation center.

Generally, fewer than 12 percent of all victims of an accident resulting in quadriplegia are able to return to full time employment. Someone has to be responsible for your medical bills, lost wages and the cost of ongoing treatment. The attorneys at The Law Offices of Paul K. Schrier, PLLC have a proven track record of winning awards for their clients.

Possible Complications After a Quadriplegic Accident

In addition to a nearly complete loss of movement, a higher divorce rate and an inability to return to work, victims may need a Florida quadriplegic accident attorney to help them get the funds they need to deal with some of the possible complications associated with quadriplegia including:

Pressure sores – those who have suffered an injury resulting in quadriplegia spend a great deal of time in bed and are unable to turn themselves. This means a heath care aid must be on hand to turn patients at regular intervals. In addition, there may be additional costs associated with special mattresses and cushions.
Blood clots – quadriplegics often require special hose and inflatable pumps to help increase circulation to avoid blood clots which can result in embolisms or thrombosis.
Respiratory illnesses – those patients who lack mobility because of quadriplegia may require intubation, ventilators and even pacemakers in addition to medications and respiratory therapy to help them breathe better.

How Hiring the Right Attorney Can Make All the Difference

When you hire Schrier Law Group after your accident which resulted in quadriplegia, our first responsibility will be to determine who was responsible for the accident and to hold them accountable. While we understand that insurance may pay some of the medical costs, there are non-medical damages that someone has to be held responsible for including:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of consortium
  • Loss of wages
  • Non-medical equipment including beds, padding, etc.

Our goal is always to make sure that you are compensated fairly for your losses and for your injury. We have a proven track record of ensuring our clients are reimbursed for all costs that are incurred immediately following the accident and we use specialists to help us determine what wages you could have earned had you not been injured. Whether the car accident was caused by a defect in your automobile or by a driver who acted recklessly, we are committed to making sure that you do not suffer financially after an accident.

When you are injured or a loved one is injured in an auto accident and as a result they are quadriplegic, call a Florida quadriplegic accident attorney at Schrier Law Group for a free consultation and case review 24/7 at 1-800-700-7285

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