Multi-Vehicle Accidents and Rollovers

Multi-vehicle pileups are common on Florida’s highways. These can lead to devastating rollovers and rear-end collisions. Compensating the victims can be complex when more than one driver may be at fault.

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The forces involved in a multicar pileup can result in devastating injuries, especially when a vehicle rolls over or is struck multiple times. Examples of injuries include:

  • Traumatic brain injuries — Can be caused by jolts, bumps or blows to the head; the results can be devastating and may even include death.
  • Spinal cord injuries — Serious injuries to the spinal cord can result in high-speed rear-end collisions. Spinal cord injuries can even lead to paralysis in severe cases.
  • Closed head trauma — Injuries that occur during a rollover that can cause permanent disability or result in the victim being in a persistent vegetative state.

In many cases, a careless driver at the rear causes the accident when he or she does not realize that traffic has slowed or stopped. This can cause a chain reaction pileup at freeway speeds. In some cases, defective road conditions can play a role in the accident. Our lawyers will conduct a careful investigation to recover the maximum compensation from all liable parties.

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Rollover Accidents

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