Injured By a Drunk Driver In Florida? You Have Rights.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than 800 people die each year in Florida as the result of accidents caused by drunk drivers. A great many more suffer debilitating injuries — all because someone chose to get behind the wheel of a car after consuming alcohol.

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When No-Fault Insurance Is Not Enough

Florida no-fault is not your only option if you have suffered a serious injury in an accident caused by a drunk driver. Our lawyers can help you file a personal injury suit if your injuries rise to certain levels under Florida law. The threshold is:

  • You suffered permanent injury
  • You have significant scarring that could be permanent
  • You have suffered a disfiguring injury such as loss of a limb or digit.

While this threshold may appear to be very high, our lawyers have more than 55 years of experience in helping accident victims recover compensation. We encourage victims of drunk drivers to take some very specific steps after an accident:

Seek medical care — Make sure you get the proper medical care. Remember, oftentimes after an accident your body is full of adrenaline, which could mask injuries. Go to an emergency room or see your primary care physician for a thorough checkup.

Document everything — If you have the names of witnesses, make sure you give them to your accident attorney. Get complete copies of police reports, witness statements and when available photographs and provide them to your attorney.

Do not make a statement to insurers — Whenever possible, avoid making any recorded or written statement to an insurance company without speaking with an attorney first.

Our personal injury lawyers have recovered more than $500 million for our clients.

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Drunk-driving Accidents

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