A serious accident can leave you facing many questions. You may be dealing with a long and painful recovery. You may also be concerned about how your injuries will affect you in the future. Will you be able to support your family and do the things you enjoy?

You are likely facing legal issues that require immediate attention. If someone else was responsible for the accident, you may have the right to sue that person or their insurance company. How do you go about doing that?

The attorneys at Schrier Law Group are here to answer your questions and help you deal with the legal issues ahead. Our personal injury law firm understands motor vehicle accident law. We have handled hundreds of auto, truck, motorcycles, pedestrian and other types of accident cases. We have recovered more than $500 million for our clients.

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Protecting Your Interests After an Accident

If you have been injured in an auto accident due to the negligence of another party, you have rights that need to be protected. Unfortunately, Florida no-fault insurance does not make it easy to recover the compensation you are due. The insurance company of the other driver will not look out for your interests. Your attorney will.

Get Answers To Your Questions

Here are examples of the types of questions we can answer for you:

  • What is my auto accident case worth?

  • What steps should I take to protect myself after a car accident?

  • Do I need a lawyer?

  • How does Florida no-fault insurance work?

  • Can you help me with vehicle repairs?

  • Is the insurance company offering me a fair settlement?

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Acting quickly and decisively is always your best course of action, when you have a serious legal issue. The caring team at Schrier Law Group will listen to the facts of your case, answer your questions, and offer suggestions and strategies to protect your rights and recover the highest possible dollar award settlement for your case. Best of all, you pay nothing, until we win your case. Contact us to schedule a free consultation.