Fighting for Fair Labor Rates For Florida Collision Centers

For the last 30 years, auto insurers have capped auto body shop labor rates without including a cost of living adjustment. For auto body shop owners, the repair expense limits set by these insurance companies can negatively affect their business, creating liability issues when auto body shops feel compelled to cut corners on vehicle repairs. The inability to safely and efficiently carry out vehicle repairs for your customers can even affect your ability to stay in business.

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How Capped Labor Rates Can Hurt Your Business

When an auto insurer refuses to pay a reasonable labor rate, this can hurt your auto body shop or collision center’s bottom line.

Capped labor rates can have a number of negative effects on your business, including:

  • Inability to carry out proper repairs on your customer’s cars
  • Higher business operation costs for body shop owners
  • Lowered ability to remain competitive in the local market

We Take On the Auto Insurance Companies In Florida

Schrier Law Group litigates on behalf of auto body shops and collision centers when insurance companies deny or reduce their bills. We’re committed to fighting for fair labor rates at auto body shops throughout Florida and can aggressively advocate for you and your business. We’ve handled thousands of insurance claims cases, and our team knows how to deal with big insurance companies. We are ready to stand up for you and fight for fair labor rates from auto insurers.

We do this work with zero out-of-pocket expense for the auto body shop or collision center. When we win your case, we get the auto insurance company to compensate for our legal fees, so there’s no up-front cost for you.

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