Dealing With the Other Driver’s Insurance Company After an Accident

If you suffer a serious injury in a Florida auto accident, you may have the right to file a claim against the other driver’s insurance company. Unfortunately, insurance companies often contest both liability and the amount of damages. An experienced personal injury attorney can help you recover the maximum compensation you are due.

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Won’t the Other Driver’s Insurance Company Treat Me Fairly?

Don’t believe the advertising hype. An insurance company is not your friend, especially following a car accident. Knowing this can help you avoid disappointment and stress later on.

Shortly after a crash, an insurance adjuster may get in touch with you and may even urge you to sign some documents. Any document presented to you by an insurance company has been thoroughly vetted by the insurer’s car crash attorney to make sure it limits the company’s liability as much as possible.

Often, insurers will want to close a case fast by quickly offering the accident victim a check. When this happens, it is possible the insurer anticipates a much larger payment if the victim files a personal injury lawsuit. The initial offer is meant to prevent this from happening. Before you accept any offer, have an experienced personal injury lawyer review the documents you receive from the insurance company. You could unknowingly sign away your right to future claims.

If an insurance company asks you to make a recorded statement, you should not do so without legal advice. The insurance company will be looking for contradictions and inconsistencies, as these will provide a solid ground to challenge the claim. Your statements can be misconstrued to mean something you never intended.

Having an experienced Florida car accident lawyer by your side from the beginning of your case is crucial. Getting seriously injured is already a bad situation. The last thing you need is a denial of rightful compensation.

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